Our philosophy is simple. We believe the truth of who you are is found within.

We believe everyone is Divine at their core, and we are all worthy of a life of happiness, freedom, and authenticity.

For the most part we come into this world with a clean slate. We have special gifts and abilities that we become aware of as we mature. The problem is most of us never really get to self-actualize. We receive messages from our parents, from teachers, family members and our peers. Many of these messages, although untrue, shape who we think we are. It’s no wonder that a majority of us walk around feeling lost, wondering who the hell we are and what the devil is our purpose!

It’s painful to live out of alignment with our authentic self. And it’s understandable that many of us turn to substances to numb negative feelings about ourselves and to give us false confidence. Unfortunately, as time progresses we even come to believe that these substances are a part of who we are! They create the illusion that we actually need them to function and cope.

In the grips of addiction, we do things that our true self would never do, creating shame and alienating ourselves even further from our own soul. But at Lighthouse, we believe that no matter how sordid your past, you are worthy of self-love and self-forgiveness.

We are here to help you shed false beliefs about yourself and re-connect with your true self.